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TomSka talking about this whole situation.
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In this video, from a year…

i feel sick

i used to like these guys a lot

I am now banned from London’s most exclusive gentlemen’s club. A member made a derogatory remark abt indie & I responded with fisticuffs


DYING at this whole twitter i read it when i feel down and then I start choking from laughter

that moment when you start to type up your results so far and realize you have accomplished way less than you thought you did



Anonymous asked: You're just such a fucking beautiful human being. I don't know an appropriate way to express that.

a little voice inside of me got really happy reading this…it’s one of the sweetest things anyone’s ever said to me

thank you.

ramble jamble

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much fun

very street

but actually haven’t had that much fun in a while

should just drink more

can actually be myself without all the anxiety


so done




– Blurred Lines (Reversed - Read Description) (1,878,413 plays)



I was mucking around with Audacity, listening to songs in reverse. For the fun of it, I put on everyone’s favorite song, Blurred Lines. And shockingly, I heard something I had never expected to hear. Robin Thicke was fooling us this whole time. He wasn’t trying to be misogynistic, he wanted us to listen closer to the song and understand that he in fact does believe his lady partner needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

You might find it VERY hard to believe, but I implore you to listen very closely (with headphones if you can, because it can be hard to hear). The message I’m talking about comes in around the 30 second mark.

After the 30sec mark I just kind of stared at my wall for the rest of the song trying to accept what I just heard.

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et tu

i want so badly to meet you


i think i want to collapse

i want you to be the reason

i imagine us wet with exploded paint

once a week exhaling

and breaking off another piece of cookie

+  yoooo my senior thesis topic is SO. COOL. eeeeeeeeeeee

-  but I was totally exhausted when meeting the professor so I seemed completely unenthusiastic. greattttttt

haha I’ll just have to make up for that…

also I never go to office hours because I am too embarrassed and don’t want to ask for help

but I realize that is probably a bad idea

I went with ryan today and 3/4 of the class was in there

literally this poor postdoc’s tiny office on the 11th floor of fine

and we fit 9 people in there

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing on this 215 pset

…I guess I’ll learn it when I study for the final

from piazza: “Today in class, when Prof. Blei performed 5-fold cross-validation…”

am i the only one who thinks this sounds sexual